Wesco Boss 20 Inch Black 3-Top Straps

Wesco Boss 20 Inch Black 3-Top Straps



• 20 inches
• 7 ounce full grain leather
• 100 Vibram lug sole
• Three top straps with buckles
• Stitch down sole construction
• Hard toe
• Heavy duty 9 iron leather midsole and insole
• Steel shank
• Highly customizable


The Boss Engineer is Wesco’s signature boot. These classic pull-on boots have been worn by the many surveyors and engineers who have helped build the U.S.A. Today, it’s probably the most versatile and popular motorcycle boot you can put on. Perfect to wear while riding, these boots can also be used for work or play. They can be customized, giving you a pair to wear for every occasion. These boots have been designed to stay dry during wet weather and will help keep out dust and dirt which shortens the life of boots.  These boots can be sent back to Wesco to be re-built or re-soled.

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This boot runs true to size. Fits like a Nike or New Balance athletic shoe.

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