Stompers Leather Conditioner 1 Oz Bottle

Stompers Leather Conditioner 1 Oz Bottle


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  • Treats many types of leather
  • Prevents cracking and aging
  • Penetrates quick and deep
  • Quickly dries
  • Won’t leave surface feeling oily or tacky
  • Conditions and prolongs the life of your leather
  • 1 ounce

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If you have gloves, shoes, or boots that you wear all the time, the leather will become dry from constant use and the oils will need to be replenished. Using this leather saver will not only prolong the life of your leather but will condition it, restoring those oils that are essential for keeping it in good shape. It also prevents cracking and premature aging. Penetrating quickly and deeply to form a strong bond with the fibers to keep from being washed out or migrating, this will also protect the leather from tearing, breaking, and UV Rays which will cause leather to fade.