Wesco Jobmaster 16 Inch Black Lug Sole

Wesco Jobmaster 16 Inch Black Lug Sole



  • Sixteen Inches
  • 100 Vibram Lug Sole
  • Nickle Hardware/Eyelets
  • Full-Leather Gusset
  • Permanently formed Stytherm™ Counter
  • Heavy White Stitching for Added Strength
  • Sweat-resistant Full-Leather Insole
  • Full-Leather Midsole

Ever had a problem with your work boots slipping on something and embarrassing you with a trip to the ground? Look no further that the Jobmaster, with its 100 Vibram lug sole, to steady your step as you hike, hunt, or just trek around. Brass hardware adorns these boots to give you a rough working-person look as well. Versatility is the name of the game for these Wesco legends. Not content to just provide a durable, sturdy, work boot, Wesco also added in sweat-resistant insoles for those whose work demands more than the average eight hour day. These water-resistant boots also work hard to keep your socks dry whether you are caught in a rainstorm or trekking along a river in the forest. After a long hike, your feet may be killing you. The Jobmaster’s Poron insert hopes to alleviate that heel pain by absorbing those shocks to your feet as you climb over logs, rocks, and any other hazard in your way. This boot is sixteen inches with 100 Vibrum Lug Sole, nickle hardware, full-leather gusset, permanently formed Stytherm™ counter, heavy white stitching for added strength, sweat-resistant full-leather insole and a full-leather midsole.

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This boot runs true to size. Fits like a Nike or New Balance athletic shoe.

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