Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy explains what types of information we collect from you, why we collect it, and the methods we use to collect personal data (such as cookies). If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please call or text the store at 954.306.3452, or fill out our Contact form.

Use of Personal Data

Your personal data is used to ensure the best quality service throughout our site. Our customer checkouts, customer accounts, and mailing list are securely stored and never shared with any third party companies.

Personal Data Security

Your personal data is kept secure using, SSL, the industry standard for online security and privacy. All personal data cannot be accessed by third parties and is never sold or released.

Checkout Cart / Payment

During the checkout process you will be asked to provide private and personal information including your first and last name, shipping and mailing address, and your payment information. All payment and credit card processing is done through secure PCI compliant credit card processing platforms. Credit Card information used for order processing, is not stored, and is not accessible to Stompers Boots or its employees.


In order to ship your order and provide you with tracking information, we share some of your personal information with our shipping partners. Our shipping partners include UPS, FedEx, and the United States Postal Service (USPS). When we ship your order, your first and last name, phone number, address, and email, are provided to the shipping partner we selected to ship your order.


On, we provide the option to create an account. This account is used to provide customers with access to their order history, a way to store their address, and a list of favorited products. The information provided is never sold or distributed to third party companies. Credit Card information used for order processing, is not stored in your account, and is not accessible to Stompers Boots or its employees.


We give customers the option to opt in to our Newsletter. Our newsletter is a monthly email that contains information about us, and promotional content. Subscribers can opt out at any time. Only your email is used to sign up.

General Cookies Use and Definition

On, we use Cookies to help process orders and to provide a shopping experience that’s easy and enjoyable. Cookies are tiny data files that temporarily store information about your browsing session on your device. Your browser settings determine how long Cookies are stored on your device. Cookies are temporary files, and they can be erased at any time using your browser’s settings, preferences, or privacy menus.

Shopping Cart Cookie Use

We use cookies to enable the use of our Shopping Cart. Cookies are required for the Shopping Cart function, and for you to see your selected products at checkout. Cookies are also required to complete the checkout process.

Removing Cookies

If you have any concerns about leaving cookies on your device after you have completed your shopping experience, you can delete them using your browser’s settings, preferences, or privacy menus.

Revised 2022.11