Wesco Big Boss 32 Inch Black

Wesco Big Boss 32 Inch Black



• Unlined shafts for greater flexibility in the leg
• Two top straps
• Full leather counter pocket
• Leather heel base
• 100 Vibram sole
• Oil resistant
• Sweat resistant full leather insole and midsole


These are every boot lover’s dream and the choice of motorcyclists everywhere. You’ll be able to really appreciate the Big Boss’s full length and protective style along with its durability and comfort. They can be customized to order making them one of a kind. A good sturdy boot that will help protect riders and stand up to the rough grit of the road even during the event of an accident. The upper is tall enough that gives riders plenty of ankle support and will help prevent slide-related ankle injuries which are one of the most common injuries with motorcycle riders.  Thigh measurement is approximately 23″. These boots can also be rebuilt which makes them an investment that will last you for years to come.

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This boot runs true to size. Fits like a Nike or New Balance athletic shoe.

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