Wesco Harness 16 Inch Two Top Straps +1 Calf Leather Lined Black

Wesco Harness 16 Inch Two Top Straps +1 Calf Leather Lined Black



  • 16 inches
  • Hard toe
  • Stitchdown sole construction
  • Sturdy steel shank
  • 7 ounce oil tanned black leather
  • Two top straps with buckles
  • 100 Vibram lug sole
  • Sweat resistant leather insole
  • +1 Calf

The 16″ Boss Engineer boots by Wesco are completely man made from the ground up. The height of these are perfect for people who want a tall boot that will also protect your legs and feet while looking fantastic at the same time. They feature a full-leather vamp that is lined with leather, full-leather midsole and insole. A steel shank is built into them for shock absorption and for added foot protection, keeping you safe from punctures. Two top straps and an instep strap with nickel plated buckles to keep things nice and secure while you’re out riding. They have a 100 vibram lug sole making these water and oil resistant, that way you don’t slip after you give your hog an oil change. These boots do not have a steel toe. These boots have been made with an extra inch in the calf.


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This boot runs true to size. Fits like a Nike or New Balance athletic shoe.

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