Unbranded 18″ Brown Climbing Boots Size 8 D – Mismatched Pair

Unbranded 18″ Brown Climbing Boots Size 8 D – Mismatched Pair


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Note: This is not the actual history of this boot, but it would be really cool if it was.

In the back of a quaint little boot shop called Stompers Boots, two boots stood out amongst the rest—a left boot with a teasingly torn lace and a well-worn scuff named Rusty, and a right boot missing a few eyelets and branded with a faded logo known as Bruce. Despite their imperfections, these boots radiated a magnetic pull toward each other, drawn by an unspoken desire that transcended their worn-out appearances.

Rusty admired Bruce’s sturdy sole and the way his leather hugged every curve, while Bruce was captivated by Rusty’s rugged charm and the tantalizing stories etched into his scuffed surface. Their connection was electric, sparking fantasies of adventures yet to come, where mud-slicked trails and moonlit hikes beckoned them together.

One fateful day, fate intervened as the store announced a clearance sale, and Rusty and Bruce found themselves bundled together in a bin labeled “Mismatched Pairs – Two for One Special.” Determined to remain united, they devised a plan, polished themselves up, while embracing their flaws as invitations to explore hidden desires and untamed passions.

Their unconventional charm caught the eye of a bold adventurer (you) who saw beyond their worn-out appearance and recognized the raw, primal connection they shared. With a knowing smile and a playful wink, the adventurer purchased Rusty and Bruce, taking them on journeys that lead to them exploring the world, why don’t you join them?

 These are consignment boots and may show signs of wear.  Please refer to the pictures. 

(Left and right boots are built differently)

Possibly Tricouni Brand

This is a mismatched pair of climbing boots.  They have been worn and used well and look like older leather but are not as aged as they appear.  Clean and condition these and replace the laces; they are great for costume use or nouveau fashion.






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