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Glossary - Boot Terms

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Thinsulate™ Ultra

Thin, lightweight, and durable, low-bulk Thinsulate™ Ultra insulation is warmer than most other types of insulation, especially when exposed to the beating generated by footwear. Chippewa uses at least 400 grams of Thinsulate™ per square meter in toe, vamp, heel, and ankle, in every Thinsulate™-insulated boot.


Our patented high-abrasion boot tip - a Matterhorn innovation - provides superior protection and extends the life of the boot.

Vibram Outsole

Vibram® outsoles are made using a rubber compound that is highly resilient and durable, reducing shock from foot strike and foot fatigue. The Vibram® brand is known around the world as the leader in high-performance soles.

Vibram® Alpha Plus Outsole

This oil- and heat-resistant (to 575 degrees) rubber outsole boasts a shallow lug depth and a shallow heel breast for maximum surface area; this outsole is perfect for roofers, pavers, and steel workers because it will not mark hot asphalt.

Vibram® Brown Stockbridge Gumlite Outsole

A highly-durable outsole which has the wear characteristics of rubber, yet is half the weight. Maintains its slip-resistant characteristics in cold temperatures and on wet surfaces.

Vibram® Duralogical Outsole

A highly resilient and durable rubber outsole that provides excellent cushioning and wear characteristics; it bites into the roughest surfaces for a steady strut wherever you tread.

Vibram® Long Haul Outsole

Slip-resistant design allows for traction without picking up debris.

Vibram® Mars Outsole

Made with a Vibram® Trek compound to prevent slipping and tripping, this outsole features HexaBase lugs for maximum traction on heavy ground, an EVA thermoset wedge for shock absorption, an engraved shank for grip on uneven ground, high-grip tread in the front and stability zones in the rear.

Vibram® Mini Lug Yellow Plug Outsole

Fine lines in this rubber outsole promote traction and minimum buildup, making this outsole ideal for factory workers, truck drivers, and motorcyclists. The exclusive Vibram® compound provides maximum traction on wet/dry surfaces and various terrain.

Vibram® Street Warrior Sole

This rubber blocker sole is built to satisfy the safety and comfort requirements of a work environment.

Viper Cloth

This specially woven 1000-Denier Cordura Viper Cloth is designed to be impenetrable by North American snakes.


Seam seal construction helps keep feet dry and comfortable.


As moisture spreads, so do the silver agents within the insole, enhancing its anti-odor, temperature regulatory and anti-microbial properties.

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