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Glossary - Boot Terms

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Kevlar® with extraordinary toughness, these rugged fiber products enhance the tenacity, thermal stability and cut-resistance of any boot.


The kiltie sits between the lace and leather on the boot and protects the leather on the boot from grit and dirt that gathers on the laces. The kiltie can be replaced after it is worn.

made in the USA

American made boots, quality and style, manufactured in the USA

Maxum Lite

A lightweight, flexible, yet durable outsole manufactured by the Meramac Corporation that provides both oil and slip resistency.


Meets ASTM F2413 standard for protective footwear, EH rated, does not conduct heat, cold, or electricity.

Nylex Lining

An interior shoe lining that wicks away moisture from the foot for a dry and comfortable environment.


A revolutionary alternative to leather, Nytek® offers advantages that leather simply cannot match.


Poron® is a high-density, flexible urethane originally developed by N.A.S.A. This shock-absorbing, long-life memory foam adds cushioning to a footbed or insole while also drawing moisture away from the foot to create a dry and healthy interior. Poron® does not break down and maintains its shape over time.

Puncture Resistant

Stainless Steel Bottom Plate: Meets All Current ASTM Standards.


Carolina’s Exclusive Proprietary Waterproof Lining System.

Taibrelle Lining

A moisture-wicking synthetic fabric that keeps your feet dry and comfortable.

Texon® Insole

An antimicrobial insole to prevent bacteria growth while wicking moisture away to keep feet dry and comfortable.

Thinsulate® Insulation 400-gram

Thinsulate’s fibers trap warm air and retain heat with breathability, even in wet or damp conditions.

Thinsulate® Ultra Insulation

Thin, lightweight, and durable, Thinsulate insulation is warmer than other types of insulation, especially when exposed to the beating generated by footwear. Chippewa uses at least 400 grams of Thinsulate per square meter in toe, vamp, heel, and ankle, in every Thinsulate-insulated boot.


Insulation uses microfibers that trap dead air but do not absorb water, helping to keep feet warm even in damp conditions. Thinsulate™ is a trademark of 3M.

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