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Stompers Boots prides itself on being... The best damn boot shop in the world!SM We do that by not only selling the highest quality boots, but by providing our customers with information to make the best decisions when investing in a new pair of boots.

Waterproof Boots:

  1.     Gently wash boots with mild soap and water.
  2.     Air dry naturally to keep leather soft and supple.
  3.     Do not force dry with heat.
  4.     Apply several thin layers of a top quality leather cleaner and conditioner to all leather surfaces. Follow with a generous application of liquid silicone to all seams.
  5.     Clean and treat your boots at least once per month for ultimate wear.
  6.     Any Cordura® or nylon should be treated with a spray coating of stain repellent.
  7.     Do not spit shine waterproof boots.

Non-Waterproof Boots:

  1.     Gently wash boots with mild soap and water.
  2.     DO NOT USE: lighter fluid, rubbing alcohol, lacquer solvent, or methylene chloride. Use of these types of products will break down the tannery finish.
  3.     Do not force dry with heat.
  4.     Apply several thin layers of a top quality paste polish.
  5.     Keep your boots clean and well conditioned.

Fleshout Leather:

  1.     These boots have a suede finish and nylon side panels; No polishing necessary.
  2.     Wipe inside boots occasionally with a moist rag and let dry.
  3.     Dry boot insoles in the sun away from intense heat as this will destroy both nylon and leather.
  4.     Use warm water and a soft nylon bristle brush to clean the side panels; if properly cared for the nylon is as strong as leather and built to last.

lining developed to wick the moisture away from the foot to help keep them dry and comfortable all day long.

PHOENIX, November, 25th 2013, Hedrick Huxley LLC DBA Stompers Boots has been selected for the Stompers Boots - 2013 Best of Business Award.

Fox River boot socks The inside of a boot is a hot, humid jungle perfect for breeding of bacteria and fungus.  The skin on your foot protects a intricate structure of 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments.  Your feet bear the weight of your entire body balancing it, and you wonder why they sweat?  It's this sweat that becomes trapped inside a boot when you work.  Your skin bears a great deal of this friction as you take each step and excessive moisture will lead to unessecary friction, and blisters.  It can also lead to fungal infections such as athletes foot and nail fungus which when left untreated can become dibilitating.

The majority of this foot sweat is wicked up by the socks. This article will help boot wearers, certainly some of the hardest working and playing individuals on this planet, choose the proper fibers for thier work and play.  If you are new to wearing boots, you will quickly learn that a quality sock is necessary for foot health.  There are many qualities one must consider when chosing a sock to wear with their boots, such as; Fiber, what activities will be performed while wearing the sock, the type of boot, our list could go on and on but this will suffice for this post.  I may have to delve deeper into this in the future.

Socks have been worn by humans for thousands of years and their general purpose has always been the same: To provide an extra layer of protection ot the foot. Protection from elements both inside our boots as well as the more widely considered outter elements like climate and terrain.  The first socks were nothing more than bits of fur and skin that lined crude animal skin boots, protecting man from frostbite and dampness caused by sweaty feet and frozen landscapes.  Did you know each foot can perspire up to a pint a day?

It was hard leaving the comfort of Cuenca, Ecuador. We spent time with Bill, Darren's friend from his disaster response days, and Bill had loads of great stories and an enormous flat with a gorgeous view, at which he graciously hosted us.

But move on we must, so we packed our bags and headed to Vilcabamba, the last town of significance before the border with Peru, and where the road becomes unpaved. Oh by the way, Darren discovered an interesting route for us, one that would take us on backroads instead on the boring but reliable Pan-American Highway. Thus the next week would prove to be as rewarding as it would be challenging.


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