==Day 2: To Chachapoyas, Peru==

The road away from our hotel improved with distance from the border, which is typical, but being under construction we often encountered recently-graded and uncompressed earth, which was very unstable to ride in, our semi-knobby tires leaving tracks and squirming around under us.

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But we were able to make good time, heading through San Ignacio and Jaén to the crossroads, stopping for lunch at one of the many little comedors and then speeding along a nice, straight, paved highway — so refreshing! — until San Jerónimo, where we turned south (ever south) to take a completely epic ride through a canyon, the road just above a churning river, mountains towering over us — sometimes literally, as road cuts would simply go through the rock creating a quasi-tunnel. At the end we would ascend into to our destination, illuminated rain coming down onto far-off peaks that would get kissed by lightning. Upon arriving in quaint, colonial Chachapoyas — a Real Town — my first task would be to secure cell service so I could maintain contact with Victoria, who was waiting for me back in Medellín.