Acurately determining your foot size and width is essential to enjoying the time spent in your boots.

You'll need the following to get accurate results:

If you have not already, you should review what type of socks are best for you. You also should also remember that:

Follow these steps for each foot. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to have someone else do the tracing of the foot. 

  1. Sit in a chair with the foot firmly placed on a piece of paper large enough to make a tracing around the whole foot. Your leg should be tilted slightly forward so it will not interfere with the pencil as you trace around your heel.
  2. Outline of the foot with a pencil held perpendicular to the paper at all times. Ensure that the pencil is held snug against the foot during the tracing.
  3. Measure the length and width of the tracing at the points shown in the diagram to the right and below.
  4. tracing your foot for measurement
  5. IMPORTANT!!! Subtract 0.2 Inches OR 5 mm OR 0.5 cm from your foots measurements to compensate for the thickness of the pen or pencil. This correction gives you the actual length and width of your foot. (consider the avgerage width of a pencil is .4 inches across and the sharpened lead is in the middle you have a space of .2 inches between the side of the pencil that is against your foot.)

    So, if the tracing of your foot measures 10.5 inches long, you subtract 0.2 inches ( 5 mm / 0.5 cm ) to get the actual length of your foot which is 10.3 inches which is about U.S. men's size 9.

    Stompers Boots recommend you measure your feet in cm/mm which make it easier to use the sizing charts with the .5 conversions. For instance the tracing of your foot is 10 7/8 inch long. (which would you rather figure out .2 inches or .5 cm?)

  6. Compare your new measurement to the Boot Size Chart in our FAQ.

NOTE: If the difference in size between your two feet is more than a half size, seriously consider ordering custom fitted boots with a boot of the correct size for each foot, ensuring you get the most out of your new boots.